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Promotes Cardiovascular and Immune Health

Padma Basic is an herbal compound recognized as a balancing formula. Padma Basic supports the immune and cardiovascular systems, while also supporting natural anti-oxidant activity.

  • Promotes cardiovascular & circulatory health
  • Supports healthy immune function & modulation
  • Supports natural anti-oxidant activity

History of the Formula

Padma Basic is based on a traditional cooling formula from the Tibetan monasteries of Transbaikalia. In the 1960's Dr. Karl Lutz, then a senior vice president at Schering Pharmaceuticals learned of the effectiveness of the formula from the Tibetan doctor that introduced the formula to Eastern Europe. His "discovery" began extensive research on the properties and benefits of the formula that has continued for over 30 years.

Tibetan Medicine

Ancient Tibetan medicine is a traditional healing system that focuses on harmonizing therapies. In this system, illness is viewed as a disruption of healthy energy flow and healing is fostered by restoring harmony between the individual and the external world as well as by unifying the body's systems. For example "dryness" in the body would be treated with "moisturizing" formulas.

Formula Intention

Tibetan medicine views Padma Basic as a cooling formula and as such is used in "hot conditions". The formula is broadly appropriate for overall "cooling" and has been clinically evaluated.

Extensive Research

Modern scientific studies confirm the health supportive benefits of this ancient herbal formula that has been used for centuries to help people stay active longer. In vitro research has verified the many benefits of Padma Basic. Padma Basic, along with proper diet and exercise, helps support and maintain an active lifestyle.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

To ensure the purity and quality of each batch, the herbs are tested prior to processing for pesticides, aflatoxins, heavy metals, bacteria and mold. Padma Basicis produced under strict, state of the art, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing guidelines. Swiss authorities regularly inspect the Padma facilities for compliance with International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Each batch of Padma Basicis analyzed with thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography (GC), and traditional organoleptic techniques. The technology used to test Padma Basic is known as "chemical fingerprinting". A reliable, reproducible way to guarantee product quality by ensuring the proper levels of chemical constituents such as tannins, flavonoids, saponins, bitter principles, and essential oils.

Contraindications and Cautions

Padma Basic contains camphor which, according to the principles of classical homeopathy, may diminish or interfere with the effects of homeopathic remedies. People susceptible to heart palpitations might experience palpitations or restlessness at higher consumption levels amounts. As with all supplements, discuss them with your health care professional. This product is not recommended for those who are nursing, pregnant or considering pregnancy.

How Supplied

60 or 180 capsules per box

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 capsules twice daily with a full glass of water, or as directed by your health care professional. The preparation is best taken on an empty stomach, one-half hour before or two hours after meals. If you experience any stomach discomfort after taking the capsules, try taking them with food.

There are no known drug interactions with the formula. However, it is advisable to wait one and a half to two hours after taking Padma Basic before taking medications.

Padma Basic is an herbal formulation based on a traditional Tibetan recipe. It consists of a carefully balanced preparation of 19 dried and milled herbs and spices, together with natural camphor and calcium sulfate. Only unadulterated naturally sourced substances of high quality are used for production. Padma Basic is the same formula as the European product, Padma 28, sold in Denmark, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. (Padma 28 sold in Switzerland, Poland, and Lithuania contain one additional ingredient: aconite.) More than 50 different research papers have been published on Padma.


Category: Herbs-Combinations

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